Benefits for All

Cycling and Yoga are complimentary activities. A yoga practice designed for cycling will strengthen core muscle groups, increase on-the-bike flexibility, help prevent injuries and counter the repetitive stress that cyclists put on their bodies. This DVD will help cyclists perform by focusing on exercises and poses they can do before, during and after the ride. The exercises performed in this DVD are great for everyone’s body and mind, not just cyclists…

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The Breakdown

The Yoga for Cyclists DVD is composed of 5 different sequences. You can choose to do them one after another, pick and choose to create a custom workout, or do them as designed, before, during and after your ride. Flexibility is what this DVD is all about. Check out the details and benefits of each Sequence:

Sequence ONE – Pre-Ride Warm Up [30MIN]

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Take the first step to a happier, healthier, stronger, more flexible, fitter you, and get your copy of Yoga For Cyclists and Everyone Else today.

With fast shipping to all domestic states, and ongoing promotions, there has never been a cheaper way to add some Zen into your life.

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Q: I’m not a cyclist, will this DVD still be enjoyable and beneficial for me?

A: Yes! The Yoga for Cyclists DVD doesn’t show any moves that require a bike. As far as benefits, this DVD will be perfect for anyone trying to gain core strength, permanent flexibility, and reduce stress….

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