The Breakdown

The Yoga for Cyclists DVD is composed of 5 different sequences. You can choose to do them one after another, pick and choose to create a custom workout, or do them as designed, before, during and after your ride. Flexibility is what this DVD is all about. Check out the details and benefits of each Sequence:

Sequence ONE – Pre-Ride Warm Up [30MIN]

This sequence is designed to open and lubricate the joints.Dynamic movements are used to improve circulation and increase flexibility.

Sequence TWO – On the Bike [10MIN]

This sequence is a quick way to work the joints and key muscles before the ride or at a regroup point. In just a few minutes you can increase circulation and stretch using your bike as a tool.

´┐╝Sequence THREE – Core Strengthening [30MIN]

This routine is designed to heat the body, fatigue the muscles as if you were on a ride, as well as condition accessory muscles important for a well rounded cyclist.

Sequence FOUR – Post Ride Stretch [35MIN]

This Yin style sequence can be done after the ride or on days you have more time to stretch. In Yin, stretches are held for longer periods to lengthen muscles while preventing micro-tears in the tissues.

Beach Sequence [85MIN]

This picturesque sequence combines elements of the previous sections to create a stand-alone yoga practice.



We recommend that you get acquainted with the first four sequences first and move on to the Beach Sequence once you get comfortable with the poses and their variations.

Make sure to watch the DVD introduction for detailed instructions.