Q: I’m not a cyclist, will this DVD still be enjoyable and beneficial for me?

A: Yes! The Yoga for Cyclists DVD doesn’t show any moves that require a bike. As far as benefits, this DVD will be perfect for anyone trying to gain core strength, permanent flexibility, and reduce stress….

Q: Do I need any props to follow along with your DVD?

A: We recommend that you have a yoga matblock strap, and  blanket.

Q: Sometimes I like a solid 90-minute workout, but a lot of times I only have 30 minutes to workout in the morning. How long is this DVD?

A: Whether you have over an hour or only 10 minutes to spare, this DVD will give you  a customized workout, every time. Click Here to check out how the DVD is broken down. Your custom workout can last anywhere from 10 to 180 minutes!

 Q: I am a cyclist – how is yoga going to help me in cycling?

A: Yoga For Cyclists will help cyclists by strengthening key muscle groups, lubricating joints, improving flexibility, core strength and stamina. With exercises designed to be fit in before, during, and after your ride, this DVD will quickly become a staple in your routine.

Q: I’m an intermediate yogi, will this DVD challenge me?

A: Yoga for Cyclists’ creator Jennifer Elliott designed the sequences in this DVD to be appropriate for Yogis of all levels. She suggests variations of poses during the sequence that allow you to make the workout easier, or more challenging. She also provides variations for people with back and/or joint problems.

Q: Do any stores carry your DVD?

A: You can check our Merchant Locatior to find a distributor in your area.

Q: Is Yoga for Cyclists available for download?

A: Not yet, but keep checking back. We are working on it as we speak. 

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!